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We look for the Mould Trigger

With over 2,500 inspections completed spanning over 10 years, we can truly say that we are well accomplished and experienced in the skill of mould assessment. Mould can be triggered in any number of ways. ln simple terms it needs the presence of moisture (or humidity constantly in excess of 55%) and poor ventilation. Finding the trigger of the reason for the mould to have commenced it's growth is the critical to its successful removal. If the trigger for the growth has not been removed then in time it will return.

Mould Inspections - No Germs

We complete a Detailed Assessment

1. Why did the mould begin? What was the source or the cause and the location?
2. What is the species of the mould?
3. Has the structural integrity of the property been compromised?
4. Analyse the health risk to all of the occupants
5. Grade the degree of contamination using diagnostic meters

We explain our findings and provide a final Written Report

After inspecting the premises we can then discuss any recommendations. Our recommendations are always aimed at first removing the trigger for the mould growth. We will then look to kill the mould infestation.

All of this information is discussed on-site with a written report to follow up.