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Helen K
Homeowner, Northbridge NSW

"For some 8 months my 5 year old son had not slept a full night because of an ongoing respiratory complaint and he had not responded to specialist medical treatment, I called on No Germs who found that I had a mould problem which they duly treated. Within 3 days my son was sleeping right through the night and has done so ever since. His respiratory ailment has gone."
Glen H
Homeowner, Gymea Bay NSW

"I was worried that we had a serious problem with mould in our home. The smell was terrible. I was even more concerned that it was going to be very expensive to treat. This was confirmed by an initial quote I received from a mould remediation company.
I then contacted No Germs who came to assess my mould problem. Their diagnosis was thorough and identified the cause of the mould problem. Peter from No Germs connected me to a licensed builder who made some structural changes that we made before we treated the superficial mould and odour. My home is now mould free and odour free. And No Germs charged me significantly less than the original quote, saving me a considerable amount of money."
Jeffrey Y
Director, Happy Faces Early Learning Centre

"We had an outbreak of Norovirus (gastro) among the children and carers totalling around 12 cases, and we closed the centre. I immediately contacted No Germs who responded straight away and came to treat the premises. We reopened the centre the following day and had no additional cases reported (even several weeks later)."
Joyce S

"For years I have suffered from mould problems resulting in a permanent sinus condition and increased chest infections.  I thought my house was mould free and I was desperate to find out what was triggering my symptoms. It really manifested in my bedroom and I would wake up daily with a  clogged nose. I researched different companies that did mould testing and I contacted Peter Ross at No Germs to do an inspection. He did moisture testing as well as went under the house.

He concluded there was moisture and poor ventilation under the floorboards. Treatment commenced and the mould spores were killed. My breathing improved significantly, a puffer was no longer needed and I returned home after an overseas trip and did not have a sinus attack or chest infection. I appreciated Peter’s feedback to me during his consultation and his treatment method really works!"
Dean M
Peppercorn Food Company

"Since 2009 No Germs have carried out regular treatments and servicing to enhance our already stringent protocols of food hygiene and sanitising, which has enabled us to ensure we offset any risk.

I would highly recommend them and their services."
Paul P
Homeowner, Ryde NSW

"We had a significant mould problem at our house in Ryde that was causing health problems. We had tried to deal with the mould before and paid lots of money but the mould still came back. No Germs actually came and diagnosed the root cause of the problem. Peter arranged to improve the sub floor ventilation and then treat mould with a non-toxic solution. The mould was gone and it hasn't come back. Highly recommended."
Grant C
General Manager, Pioneer Poultry

"For the last 12 months we have engaged No Germs to treat production areas producing high risk products. APT results have validated their work and we have consistently"
Kevin B
National Quality & Food Safety Manager, Green's Foods

"No Germs have a desire to get in and get the job done, and take pride in their work delivering results. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other companies and in fact I have done so already."