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    Effective mould removal is essential to ensure you live in a clean, healthy home. Mould is a toxic bacteria growth that is quite commonly found in residential and commercial properties throughout Sydney. Sometimes it can be seen on walls, ceilings and even furniture and clothing, but sometimes it can’t.


    Moisture from rain, leaky taps or even your shower, along with changes in humidity levels plus poor ventilation means mould spores spread rapidly. The presence of mould – often unseen – can lead to serious health issues including allergies, asthma, recurring chest infections, eye and throat irritations and breathing difficulties.


    The only way to effectively treat mould long term is to kill it. Household mould cleaners and some claiming to be a mould killer or mould removal specialists (using bleach/sodium hypochlorite) do not kill mould and are ineffective at cleaning mould. It has been scientifically proven that these products simply restore colour and do not completely remove mould.


    The team at No Germs can work to identify the source of the problem using moisture detection equipment before conducting a thorough examination of the premises to determine the presence of secondary growths. We are experts in sub floor mould removal (also known as underfloor mould removal or basement mould removal). If your home suffers from subfloor moisture or has a rising damp issue, call us today.


    After removing or isolating the source we apply our effective, safe treatment using our patented technologically advanced products. We care about your health and want to ensure you have a healthy environment to live in so we will also discuss with you ways to ensure the mould is effectively managed for the long term.


    No Germs have carefully and effectively treated almost 1000 residential properties since 2006 safely and effectively removing mould.


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