• Mould Cleaning Services Sydney

    No Germs mould cleaning services fully guarantees the elimination of the fungus, leaving your home or business property free from any mould traces.

    Mould Killer: Before & After

    We'll have your wonderful Sydney home clean & mould free.

    Mould can cause serious health problems and trigger allergic reactions and is often found in homes across Sydney. It is absolutely essential that your home is kept clean & healthy. No Germs are experts in cleaning mould from ceilings & walls and in bathroom mould cleaning. We are professional mould cleaners and look forward to helping you clean your home of mould.


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    Food Facility Mould Cleaning

    Mould and bacteria found in a business or workplace can be a health risk to employees and lead to a loss of productivity.

    We exclusively use chlorine dioxide in the elimination of all forms of harmful bacteria in the food industry. Our clients have described us as an insurance policy against bacterial outbreaks such as salmonella and listeria. We are experts in helping you identify areas of potential hazard and at treating the problems before they arise.


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    Kindergarten Mould Cleaning


    No Germs have a proven strategy to minimise any outbreak interruption to the daily running of kindergartens & early learning centres.

    We are parents and grandparents, so we know what it means to have an unhealthy child. We are also business owners and recognise that infections within an early learning centre also means sick carers, costly replacement staff, additional reporting and operational disruption. We will clean and treat bacteria, mould, hand, foot and mouth disease, norovirus and other bacterial infections.


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