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    Peter Ross: Founder & Chief Technician

    Peter Ross

    Founder & Chief Technician

    Peter is a father and grandfather, and knows how important it is to have safe environments for children to live, play and learn. He has experienced the effects of mould and bacteria first hand and is passionate about ensuring homes and early learning centres across Sydney are clean and safe.


    With over 30 years experience in food manufacturing, production and consulting, he knows a thing or two about the safe production of food and the important of bacteria-free premises.


    He is an expert on mould and bacteria and knows all there is to know. Not only that he's an all-round top bloke.

    Alex Ross: Operations Manager

    Alex Ross

    Operations Manager

    Keeping it in the family Alex works in the business to make sure operations run as smoothly as they can from your free assessment to your mould and bacteria cleaning and removal.


    Alex's own life experiences have made him committed to creating homes and environments free from mould and bacteria as the father of 2 beautiful girls who have both attend early learning centres - bacterial breeding grounds!


    With over 20 years in sales and customer service, Alex knows what outstanding customer service means and is here to ensure its what No Germs is famous for.

    Rachael McLennan: Marketing & Communications Manager

    Rachael McLennan

    Marketing & Communications Manager

    Rachael is committed to supporting great organisations like No Germs in terms of communications, marketing, strategy and being clear on Purpose.


    Rachael has spent most of her career as an entrepreneur in the not for profit sector and has helped build strong businesses to ensure they are supporting their clients and customers well.


    Rachael's role at No Germs is to support the front line (Peter and Alex) who are working hard to eradicate mould and bacteria from homes and businesses across Sydney.



    Lionel Freedman: Technical Adviser

    Lionel Freedman

    Technical Adviser

    Lionel has been the Managing Director and guiding force of Zychem Technologies Pty Ltd since its creation over 18 years ago and has played a leading role at the frontline of Australia’s environmental revolution. He built Zychem Technologies Pty Ltd from a concept with one liquid Chlorine Dioxide product, to its present position of some 20 Distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand, with their product proudlymanufactured on the Gold Coast and in New Zealand.


    Lionel works with and supplies to Australian Government organisations as well as some of Australasia’s largest and most well know corporations.


    Lionel’s vision has seen the development of a range of innovative applications for Zychem’s Chlorine Dioxide products with support from State Government grants and Research and Development concessions from the Federal Government.


    Zychem’s range of products are used in a diverse range of applications from Parliamentary Libraries to combat mould, to Public Parklands to improve irrigation water quality, to public swimming pool complexes and a large range of food production plants to prevent risks to public health from a variety of pathogens. Lionel’s vision for Zychem’s products is to make our environment a safer place for all by eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites from the air we breathe, the water we drink or in which our children swim, and the surface with which we come in contact.


    Lionel was the elected President of the Gold Coast Regional Environment Association for three years and served concurrently as a Board member of the Gold Coast Regional Economic Development Advisory Board.



  • Our clients

    We're on a mission to eradicate mould and bacteria across homes and businesses throughout Sydney.

    Peppercorn Food Company

    Dean Murphy, Managing Director

    Since 2009 No Germs have carried out regular treatments and servicing to enhance our already stringent protocols of food hygiene and sanitising, which has enabled us to ensure we offset any risk. I would highly recommend them and their services. 

    Happy Faces Daycare

    Jeffrey Yarham, Director 

    We had an outbreak of Norovirus (gastro) among the children and carers totalling around 12 cases, and we closed the centre. I immediately contacted No Germs who responded straight away and came to treat the premises. We reopened the centre the following day and had no additional cases reported (even several weeks later).

    Helen K

    Owner / Occupier, Northbridge NSW

    For some 8 months my 5 year old son had not slept a full night because of an ongoing respiratory complaint and he had not responded to specialist medical treatment, I called on No Germs who found that I had a mould problem which they duly treated. Within 3 days my son was sleeping right through the night and has done so ever since. His respiratory ailment has gone.

    Pioneer Poultry

    Grant Colburt, General Manager

    For the last 12 months we have engaged No Germs to treat production areas producing high risk products. APT results have validated their work and we have consistently

    Green's Foods

    Kevin Byron, National Quality & Food Safety Manager

    No Germs have a desire to get in and get the job done, and take pride in their work delivering results. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other companies and in fact I have done so already.

    Glenn Howlett

    Owner / occupier, Gymea Bay

    I was worried that we had a serious problem with mould in our home. The smell was terrible. I was even more concerned that it was going to be very expensive to treat. This was confirmed by an initial quote I received from a mould remediation company.


    I then contacted No Germs who came to assess my mould problem. Their diagnosis was thorough and identified the cause of the mould problem. Peter from No Germs connected me to a licensed builder who made some structural changes that we made before we treated the superficial mould and odour. My home is now mould free and odour free. And No Germs charged me significantly less than the original quote, saving me a considerable amount of money.

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