• Preschool Kindergarten, Early Learning & Childcare Centres

    Bacteria Treatment and Cleaning of Mould

    For the health, safety and well-being of children and carers

    We are parents and grandparents, so we know what it means to have an unhealthy child. We are also business owners and recognise that infections within an early learning centre also means sick carers, costly replacement staff, additional reporting and operational disruption.


    The health, safety and well-being of children and carers alike is critical to ensure happy homes and workplaces for everyone. Contagious outbreaks however create unnecessary complications to everyone’s lives with miserable little people, parents challenged to effectively balance work and emergency call-outs to grandparents.


    No Germs have a proven strategy that has minimised any outbreak interruption to the daily running of early learning centres. Our services in the removal of bacteria to kill hand, foot and mouth disease and norovirus are proven. We can quickly take action against bacterial infections using a water based product called Zoono* that is non toxic, non allergic and food safe. We use the broadest and safest biocide agent available to ensure happy, healthy kids, carers and parents.


    We can treat any business or commercial property but are specialists in treating early learning centres.


    *Zoono was recently approved as the only anti-microbial product used in commercial aircraft to minimise the likelihood of cross-contamination to the travelling public.

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