Zoono expected to be effective against Coronavirus

No Germs uses only the most effective and best-in-class products available to help prevent and control harmful pathogens. A trusted partner in this endeavour is the Zoono product. Zoono is an advanced antibacterial hand and surface sanitiser used in a wide variety of applications by the professional team here at No Germs. It is a proven product with that leaves behind an invisible antimicrobial shield. Zoono can provide a layer of protection that lasts 30-40 days.

In 2014, Zoono stated that its Z71 Microbe Shield was successfully tested against bovine coronavirus. The test results confirmed 99.99% efficacy within 5 minutes. It is currently being tested against the current strain of coronavirus that originated in China but is having worldwide reach and impacts. Here in Sydney, at the time of writing there have already been a handful of confirmed coronavirus cases and it seems likely to spread further. Zoono is already being widely deployed by the team at No Germs to help our customers to protect themselves against coronavirus, the efficacy of which is expected to be confirmed in the next 4-6 weeks.

More information is available here