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Unprecedented Gastro Outbreak

NSW health has recently issued a press release warning of an unusual rise in Gastroenteritis. The warning has been prompted by a high number of gastroenteritis outbreaks at child care centres across the state and an increase in people seeking treatment for the highly-contagious infection at hospital emergency departments.

For the first 17 days of December 2019, 86 Childcare centres have reported outbreaks of gastro. The normal for this time of year is 20. 550 children along with 140 carers are in that number.

There were also 2,557 treated in hospital emergency departments of which 640 were children under the age of five. Of the 2,557 cases 644 required admission.

It is anticipated that this number of cases may well continue to rise, prompting a reminded that proper hand washing and hygiene need to be adhered to.

No Germs can boast that of the Childcare centres that we supply with our range of antimicrobial products, none have reported any gastro outbreak.