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Is your poor Sub Floor Ventilation causing mould?

Over the last several years a lot has been determined about how to make homes healthier. In the olden days, little attention was paid to the downside of not having proper ventilation in the sub floor. Not only were there insufficient vents, but they were up to 50% blocked by virtue of their construction. Suburbs such as Rozelle, Balmain, Leichardt, Glebe and Woollahra where there are a lot of terraced homes, are particularly problematic with poor sub floor ventilation. This is because of the terraced home layout where it was impossible to install vents due to the properties being ‘butted’ together. This has led to a problem that has taken years not only to accumulate, but to realise the health issues that have arisen over time.

It has been estimated that around 90% of terraces in Sydney have a degree of trapped moisture in the sub floor. Depending on the level and over what period of time it is almost inevitable that mould is now present.

Invariably all of these homes had the older style of pine timber flooring. The trapped moisture evaporates. The damp air that is now toxic rises mostly via the ‘tongue in groove’ of the floor creating a health risk in the living quarters of the home. Signs of this actually happening are condensation on windows, small outbreaks of mould around the skirting boards and even on clothing items near floor level.

NO Germs specialises in the remediation or the killing of the mould using a patented technology that is non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. Obviously, it is critical to have a sub floor ventilation system installed that will remove the toxic air. At No Germs we are your one stop shop, and vastly experienced to assess and advise in this process.