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Mould Removal: In the News

A mother is warning other parents about the dangers black mould, after she found it inside a beloved children’s toy used for teething.

What is black mould?
Mould is a toxic bacteria growth that is quite commonly found in residential and commercial properties throughout Sydney. Sometimes it can be seen on walls, ceilings and even furniture and clothing, but sometimes it can’t.

How do you get rid of black mould?
The only way to effectively treat mould long term is to kill it. Household cleaners and some claiming to be mould removal specialists (using chlorine hyperchloride) DO NOT KILL MOULD. It has been scientifically proven that these products simply restore colour.

Helen, a valued No Germs client and a mother of 5 year old Sam (from Northbridge NSW) found black mould in her home. No Germs were called to conduct an assessment of the property before carrying our our safe, effective mould removal treatment. Helen says:
For some 8 months my 5 year old son had not slept a full night because of an ongoing respiratory complaint and he had not responded to specialist medical treatment, I called on No Germs who found that I had a mould problem which they duly treated. Within 3 days my son was sleeping right through the night and has done so ever since. His respiratory ailment has gone.