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Now certified in COVID-19 Infection Control Training
How to Protect Your Staff and Customers

Hand hygiene is the single most effective way to reduce and prevent health associated infections.

It is not surprising that given our current health crisis, and coupled with the spotlight on hand washing via the World Health Organisation, that hand hygiene has become a topic of interest and relevance.

Health acquired infections have been on the rise over the past few years and especially now with the COVID-19 global outbreak. There is a great necessity for the implementation of hand hygiene programs which include hand sanitising products, particularly for staff members in the workplace.

No Germs understands that in your organisation, interpersonal collaboration among staff members, and face to face interaction with clients is part of your day to day operations. Our product offering will provide protection to your valued staff and your highly regarded clients, and aims to reduce and prevent infection within the workplace.

We have devised a 3 step hand hygiene program to help reduce absenteeism in the workplace and protect your valued staff and customers.

Book our Fogging Spray service to eliminate germs and to protect your working space for 30 days.

Utilise our long lasting, alcohol free hand sanitisers for your staff and customers

Repeat your Fogging Spray service every 30 days to ensure continuity of protection and prevention of outbreaks

Where you can use our Hand Sanitisers in your Workplace

  • On every desk
  • Entry & Exits
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Next to Elevator
  • Kitchen/Eating areas
  • Store Counter

Are you ready to put your action plan in place? Contact us today and find out how we can help keep your staff and customers healthy and protected.
We have a range of portable hand sanitisers, dispensers and stands to suit your needs.

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