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Mould experts in Dee Why handle all kinds of mould

Mould comprises multicellular fungi that can inhabit a diverse array of environments, ranging from inside and outside, commonplace to acute. Mould comes in tens of thousands of varieties, so it’s understandable that at least a few would be well-equipped to invade our homes and living spaces. Many of these invasions start out on a small scale, perhaps in a neglected corner of your bathroom where some moisture collects after a hot shower. Soon enough, hardy spores are produced and cover a greater area, producing that recognisable discoloration. Mould growths are unsightly and can pose potential health problems to you and your family. With so many different species that could invade your home, you’ll need mould experts in Dee Why to accurately assess the situation and provide an appropriate solution for removal and remediation.


At No Germs, we offer environmentally-friendly, safe, fast and affordable mould removal and remediation in Dee Why for over eight years. Each of our technicians has the highest grade of infection control certification so that you can feel assured of the quality of our work. No Germs is registered with Trades Monitor and is fully insured. We are a family-owned company and are passionate about keeping Australian homes safe from rampant mould growth. Our founder and chief technician, Peter Ross, knows first-hand the effects of mould and bacteria on health and works hard with all our employees to keep our clients clean and safe. We think of ourselves as mould experts, and we equip ourselves with the best tools for the job.


Keep your children safe from the dangers of mould


Our founder is a father and grandfather. Much of our team at No Germs are also parents, so we all know how important it is to keep our children safe. Mould can cause long-term respiratory problems for children, so we are passionate about our work and its impact on the safety of their futures. Our products and mould remediation strategies have been proven in many child care centres with excellent results. We specialise in treating early learning centres but are also happy to handle any commercial property. Our mould removal strategy seeks to minimise the spread of mould spores without drastically disrupting the day to day activities of our clients. As mould experts, we can treat the problem quickly so that you can return to your customary busy life.


Come to us with your mould problems


If you have a mould problem or even suspect that you have one on your premises, contact No Germs. We’re more than happy to offer advice and consultation on your problem. If it seems more likely than not that you have mould, we’ll do a more comprehensive inspection, perform the proper mould remediation, and then offer guidance on how to prevent further mould encroachment. We’ve worked and treated over 1000 residential properties and others since our launch in 2006, and we’d love to work with you as well.

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