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Mould cleaning in Dee Why is a cinch for No Germs

Mould reproduces by means of small spores, undetectable by the human eye. The number of spores produced by mould number in the millions, each of them equipped with the ability to survive in environments too extreme or dry for their more mature form. Unfortunately, these spores may cause allergies and reactions in people who are sensitive to them. People with asthma may have episodes, and otherwise healthy people could experience upper respiratory tract symptoms. Studies have found that indoor exposure to mould is undoubtedly linked to these symptoms. With this in mind, it’s important to handle mould in your house appropriately so that you and your family can remain symptom-free. With mould specialists in Dee Why, you can get the proper mould cleaning and treatment.

For over eight years No Germs has provided expert mould cleaning and mould treatment in Dee Why and surrounding areas. Our founder and chief technician, Peter Ross, has over 30 years of experience in food manufacturing, production and consulting and has since brought his expertise to all our clients. We’ve served clients from various backgrounds including businesses, schools and homes. Even in areas with the highest safety standards, including food preparation facilities, aged care and child care centres, we have the proper expertise to achieve those standards. Typical mould cleaning methods can be noxious or even cause additional harm. To avoid this, we operate in an environmentally friendly manner in our push for safer cleaning with the most scientifically advanced mould removal products.

Environmentally conscious mould treatment in Dee Why

Bleach and household cleaners are the most common products used to remove mould. However, what is not well known is that these agents often do not kill mould, but merely change the colours. This can often work against the client, leaving mould to grow undetected and to even more dangerous levels. No Germs uses non-toxic, food-grade and biodegradable mould removal products that have been time-tested and proven. These products are also scientifically verified to do their job correctly and still be safe for people and the planet. As mould specialists, we know these products work well for treatment everywhere in Dee Why and beyond. Combined with our proven products and our developed strategies for mould removal, we can tackle even the most stubborn problems in the most crucial places. Mould can ravage older adults and children, so we step in to protect them.

Mould specialists that see every job from beginning to end and beyond

Look to No Germs if you’re looking for mould specialists in Dee Why. We’re easy to contact by phone and email so that we can discuss the particulars of your mould problem directly. We know how to quickly identify the source of the problem using our specialised equipment and then hone in on harder-to-detect growths on the premises. After a comprehensive treatment and removal, we’ll make sure your mould problem stays removed by educating you on effectual management in the long term.

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