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No germs is a Sydney based company specializing in residential and commercial premises affected by mould. With over 800 properties now treated our mould cleaning, mould removal, mould inspection and mould remediation services have stood the test of time successfully.  Many companies make claim to these services but few have matched what we offer, what we can do, and what we have done.

A quick example of this was a 2 storey residence in North West Sydney had a mould problem. No Germs was the third company called on to assess the mould problem. Simply we were asked to offer a written solution addressing the mould inspection, mould cleaning, mould removal.
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Why No Germs?

Mould is a nasty bacteria that has been proven to be a serious health issue to both humans and animals. If not treated successfully can also result in the deterioration of the substructure of the premises similar to what white ants will do if untreated. There are thousands of different types of mould. Some species are cultivated and used in food production such as types of cheeses and salami. This is good mould. The most common mould found in residential properties is classified as toxic. The reason is because this mould produces what is called myotoxins.  Prolonged exposure can lead to serious health issues that I mentioned. Issues ranging from itchy or watery eyes, chronic cough, headaches or migraines, a variety of breathing issues, rashes, tiredness and so the list goes on.

In order for mould to initial grow it needs what is called a ' trigger'.
But the common denominator for mould to survive is a combination of poor ventilation, moisture ( this can range from a leaking water pipe to bathroom condensation or rising damp), and protein ( found on leather shoes & clothing and unpainted timber such as the rear of a dressing table ).

The training and experience that we have at No Germs is to professionally diagnose and diagnose the cause of the mould infestation. Our service combines mould inspection, mould cleaning, mould removal and mould remediation.

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